Algorithmic Governance and Accountability Webinar

How can we use artificial intelligence to make fair credit decisions for low-income customers around the world? Algorithms, machine learning, and other data analytics are increasingly being deployed in developing countries, which has opened access to financial services and introduced new consumer risks. These risks can be exacerbated due to data limitations and lower levels of digital literacy. Check out the Smart Campaign’s latest webinar to learn about the risks automated decisions pose for low-income consumers and ideas for how to set up thoughtful oversight measures without stifling innovation.


Keeping Clients First in Digital Financial Services: How We Support Regulators, Investors, & Associations

Digital technologies are transforming the way financial services are delivered around the world, creating opportunities to serve many people who were previously excluded or underserved. As with any rapid change, these new technologies bring new risks to consumers and to businesses. Banking regulators, investors in fintechs, and industry associations work to ensure that the emerging digital financial sector mitigates consumer risks, so that customers can trust the services they receive and so that the whole sector can flourish.

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Radio to the Rescue in Ghana: Building Awareness of Consumer Rights

Radio to the Rescue

What technology can out-compete smartphones in getting attention of people in low-income countries? Radio.
Radio may not get a lot of fanfare, but it’s still a hugely influential source of information in developing countries like Ghana. That’s why the Smart Campaign decided to use radio to help make Ghanaians more savvy consumers of financial services.

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