Most financial institutions (FIs) provide clients with one or more channels for communicating their questions and complaints to the institution. However, not all complaints mechanisms are effective. This tool will discuss how FIs can design effective complaints mechanisms. A complaints “mechanism” refers to a system for collecting, resolving, and responding to client questions and complaints, and for using client feedback to improve products and operations. An “effective” mechanism is one that allows for a timely response to clients and enables the institution to address both individual and systematic problems.

Mechanisms for Complaints Resolution

Section 1 introduces the importance of having an effective complaints mechanism for resolving client questions and grievances.

Section 2 explains a five-step process for developing a new complaints mechanism.

Section 3 discusses the elements of an effective mechanism, detailing the characteristics that all mechanisms should have.

Section 4 presents common problems that FIs face with existing complaints mechanisms, alongside ideas for how to improve the mechanism to address these issues.

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Mechanisms for Complaints Resolution