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The Smart Campaign Adds Seventh Client Protection Principle

Client Protection Principles modified to embrace wider product array and non-discrimination principle

Washington, DC, July 20, 2011 — The microfinance industry’s Client Protection Principles (CPPs) are now seven.  They have been expanded to address multiple financial products and the concept of “non-discrimination.”

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Ben Simmes, Director of Social Performance and Financial Analysis, Oikocredit

Ben Simmes, Smart Campaign Steering Committee member and Director of Social Performance and Financial Analysis at Oikocredit, spoke with the Smart Campaign recently about Oikocredit’s efforts to embed the Client Protection Principles into its institutional culture.  He also shared his personal views on the importance of using credit responsibly…

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Ambassador Spotlight: Anne Hastings, CEO, Fonkoze Financial Services

Anne Hastings, Smart Campaign Steering Committee member and CEO of the Haitian MFI Fonkoze, spoke with the Smart Campaign recently about her institution’s culture of giving clients the tools they need to protect themselves. She also discussed how endorsing the Smart Campaign gave Fonkoze a new way to express this institutional culture…

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New Tool! ‘Smart Lending: Client Protection in the Group Lending Process – India’

A fresh tool tailored for Indian MFIs using Grameen-style “group of groups” lending methodology is now available from the Smart Campaign! The Campaign’s India-based team led the development of the tool in collaboration with two Indian MFIs, Grameen Koota and Ujjivan.

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Check Out the Campaign’s e-Learning Course

The Smart Campaign is excited to announce the launch of its first-ever e-learning course, which allows industry professionals to experience interactive simulations of a series of scenarios involving client protection and financial education in microfinance.

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Smart Campaign e-Learning Module Wins Global Giveback Competition!

The Smart Campaign’s first-ever e-learning course, “Client Protection and Financial Education in Microfinance,” has won the individual developer category of the second eLearning Global Giveback Competition! 
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Ambassador Spotlight: Former CEO of the National Credit Regulator

Gabriel Davel, a veteran voice for client protection in microfinance and the first CEO of South Africa’s Micro Finance Regulatory Council, entered the business of protecting client well-being before the industry was paying any attention.

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Smart Note: Transparent and Responsible Pricing at Mi-Bospo

New SmartNote Now Available! Read an interview with Mi-Bospo Executive Director Nejira Nalic on how her institution puts Principle 2—Transparent and Responsible Pricing—into practice.

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New! Smart Lending: Client Protection in the Group Lending Process

The Smart Campaign is proud to present this guide, which is designed to help MFIs incorporate good client protection practices into their group lending policies and operations. The tool is applicable to a wide range of credit methodologies and can be adapted for use in various forms of group lending including village banking methodology and “group of groups” methodology.



New! Smart Savings: Client Protection in the Savings Process

The most recent Smart Campaign tool is designed to help MFIs, banks, NGOs, and other types of financial institutions identify and integrate good client protection practices into the savings process at every point of interaction with the client. This guide looks at (1) Promotions & Sales, (2) Application & Approval, (3) Opening & Servicing the Account, (4) Accepting Withdrawals & Paying Deposits, and (5) Closing the Account.


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