Client Protection Principles: Model LawA-
Annex 3  Key Facts Statement
For illustrative purposes, a sample Key Facts Statement (for a loan) is reproduced below.
Total amount borrowed (Loan sizeand currency)
Your monthly installment
Effective Interest Rate (EIR) orAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)
Total number of installments
Disbursement date
Installment frequency
Maturity date
Grace period (if applies)
Purpose of loan
Type of guarantee or collateral
Penalty for late payment
Total cost of loan (interest + fees)
Penalty for pre-payment
Total amount repaid at the end of the loan (principal + interest +fees)
Client  signature_________________________________  Date  ____________________________Loan Officer signature___________________________  Date ____________________________Branch Director signature________________________  Date ____________________________
Please contact our Customer service Line if you have any questions or complaints about our products,services or staff: 555-555-5555. Open Monday to Saturday 7:00-20.00. All calls are free.
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