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Initially certified in January 2013, and re-certified in 2015, Ujjivan was an early champion for client protection and the Smart Campaign. Ujjivan started working with the Smart Campaign team in 2010, first by endorsing the Client Protection Principles, sending employees to attend client protection training, conducting a self-assessment using the Getting Started’ Questionnaire, and improving its practices over time. Ujjivan’s pioneering legacy in urban microfinance in India, its successful transformation from a microfinance institution to a non-banking finance company, and its firm commitment to Smart Certification speak to the strength of this institution and its dedication to its 3 million clients.

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 Smart Certificaton: The Story of Ujjivan




Case Study

Smart Certification played a critical role in helping Ujjivan evolve from a microfinance institution to a small finance bank with a successful IPO. Download the case study here.

Client Perspectives

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Resolving Client Complaints

ujjivan 2Indian institutions often grapple with understanding what goes into setting up an accessible comprehensive complaint resolution system. There are also hurdles of distilling the value proposition for an institution to set up a resolution system. This case study helps financial service providers answer such questions, using the example of Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd.

This case study describes the successful implementation of Client Protection Principle #7 — Mechanisms for Complaint Resolution, by the Indian MFI Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd. All financial service providers should have in place a timely and responsive mechanism to resolve client problems and improve their products and services. However, this is not common practice across the Indian microfinance market, or it is a perfunctory measure put in place to comply with government regulation. Financial service providers can use this case study to understand a successful model for complaints resolution.

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