About Grooming Centre Nigeria

Grooming People for Better Livelihood Centre, or “Grooming Centre,” was founded in 2006 in Lagos, Nigeria. At that time, financial services were essentially non-existent for the active poor in many parts of Nigeria. Today, the NGO has a network of 530 branches in 23 out of 36 states across Nigeria and serves more than 5.3 million clients.

Grooming Centre offers microloans, micro-savings products, and other services that cater to its primarily female clientele. “The client is queen” is their common refraina nod to the value they place on their clients. That’s also where Smart Certification comes in: Grooming Centre’s mission is to empower the economically active poor by bringing a range of tailor-made microfinance services to their door step using globally tested best practice methodologies. Smart Certification demonstrates Grooming’s focus on clients and compliance with industry standards, and we were proud to award their certification in February 2016.

Smart Certification: The Story of Grooming Centre



Case Study

Smart Certification helped translate Grooming Centre Nigeria’s vision into practice through an introspective process and rededication to upholding clients’ rights. Download the case study here.

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