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About Fundación Mundo Mujer Popayán:

Certified in September 2013, Fundación Mundo Mujer Popayán (FMMP) employs a staff of nearly 3500 that work among eight regions in 132 offices in 24 departments and 91 municipalities of Colombia. The clientele of FMMP includes 61% women entrepreneurs. Half of the microfinance activity in Colombia occurs within the operations of FMMP offices.

The institutional values of Fundación Mundo Mujer Popayán in the products and services that it offers its clients are humility, integrity, leadership, loyalty, excellence, transparency, and respect. It aims to provide microcredit services in a manner that encompasses ease, efficiency, opportunity, and with personalized attention for the needs of the customer. 



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FMMP’s Certification Journey:

FMM All CertificateFundación Mundo Mujer Popayán first endorsed the Smart Campaign to show that it prioritizes the treatment of its clients in its operations and offerings of services and products. It was after endorsing that FMMP participated in a Smart Assessment in May 2011 to be evaluated by trained Smart Assessors on the ways it could improve its practices after being institutionally diagnosed against the standards and indicators of the Client Protection Principles. Participating in a Smart Assessment is an excellent way to prepare for certification because the institution is evaluated against the same indicators and standards of the Client Protection Principles in the certification mission.

FMMP worked with the Smart Campaign to create a Smart Note, a type of tool designed around showcasing the best practices in client protection of specific institutions. Please follow the link to view the Smart Note produced, which describes how FMMP adheres to CPP 5, Fair and Respectful Treatment of Clients.

Please view the Client Protection brochure produced by FMMP which describes how its operations are in alignment with the seven Client Protection Principles:

Smart Note: Treating Clients with Respect at FMMP

This Smart Note describes how Fundación Mundo Mujer Popayán developed a stronger pro-client attitude. The institution took time to listen to clients, collected their feedback and suggestions and used this information as guiding principles for developing new policies and procedures. The result is a set of complementary policies, that, unlike previous material, use specific problem situations to address potential weaknesses in client protection practices.

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Besides being among the first institutions to be Smart certified in client protection in Latin America, FMMP has also received several other awards and achievements for its strong business practices and commitment to client-centric business, which include:

  • ‘Citi Award for Microbusiness’ in the category of Microfinance Innovator (2013)
  • ‘The Bizz,’ International Award of Business Excellence (2013)
  • ‘Best Rural Microfinance Entity’ by the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (2011, 2012 & 2013)
  • Business Management Award in Business Leadership (2012 & 2013)
  • Certification in Price Transparency by MFTransparency (2011 & 2012)


For more information about FMMP please visit their website: fmm.org.co