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Crezcamos, a microfinance institution in operation for six years, provides financial services to small businesses. It is headquartered in Bucaramanga, Colombia and serves nearly 70,000 clients through 49 branches throughout the northeastern Colombian region. Crezcamos became Smart Certified in September 2013.

Crezcamos supports entrepreneurial families in primarily rural areas with transparent financial and insurance services. It seeks to establish long-term relationships with its clients and to improve its processes to be the best provider of innovative loan services serving rural populations in Colombia. Crezcamos upholds corporate values in its services, which include distinguished contribution, prioritizing entrepreneurial communities in rural areas with responsibility and commitment to contribute to social development. At the same time, it strives to focus on the maintenance of client satisfaction and loyalty through innovation, excellence in its processes, and fulfillment of its objectives. All of this must be achieved with highly committed and loyal employees, working in environments of trust and respect, promoting learning to develop people that reach common objectives of high value. In this manner, the company aims to generate superior and sustainable performance that obtains optimal financial and operational performance to provide satisfactory return to its shareholders.

Crezcamos experienced tremendous growth and expansion over the past year. In April 2013, it consolidated itself as one of the most prominent employment generators in Colombia. With 10 new offices and an increased workforce, the value of its portfolio has reached over U.S. $124 million.





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Crezcamos’ Improvement in Client Protection:

When Crezcamos was undergoing its evaluation to become Smart Certified in client protection, it realized there were additional measures it could take to improve its practices more fully to adhere to the Client Protection Principles. For the benefit of its clients, Crezcamos developed a “Client Welcome Kit” to keep clients informed of their responsibilities and expectations as consumers of the different products and services of the institution.



Crezcamos’ Welcome Kit

Mayra Navarro Quote EngInitially, Crezcamos communicated with clients about acquired products and the associated costs through the submission of the plan and the credit payments. The marketing department, through various client reactions and comments, realized that the payments plan lacked the completeness and clarity about conditions, requirements, rights and duties, client service channels, among other aspects that were crucial for the clients. In August 2012, Crezcamos decided to develop a welcome kit that would be delivered to all clients during disbursement.

The marketing department took  the first step in submitting a proposal for what would become a kit. This was focused on the preliminary information that should be given to the client at the time of credit disbursement.

The proposal was validated in different committees in which all of department heads participated. This work lasted just under a year and the estimated investment was U.S. $20,000. The kits were distributed beginning in September 2013 and to date, over 32,000 kits have been distributed by all Crezcamos’ commercial offices.

The objective in the development of this kit was part of a series of strategic activities that Crezcamos carried out to strengthen its practices in client protection. The kit was developed with the guidance of the Smart Campaign tool ‘Essential Documents for New Clients.’ For details on development of the kit, which contains the tool itself and how it has facilitated the work of reviewers, please explore the following documents.

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For more information about Crezcamos please visit their website: crezcamos.com

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