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Certification is achievable for most institutions with time and effort and most gaps discovered in assessments can be fixed. The Smart Campaign offers tools and resources to help institutions improve.

Assessments can determine gaps in client protection practices, and most gaps can be fixed. Certification is achievable for most institutions with time and effort but each institution will have its own timeline. Dozens of institutions have improved their practices by working with the Smart Campaign For example, by creating guidelines on collections practices, improving the security of client information, or strengthening staff training for client care.

The Smart Campaign offers financial service providers over 50 tools to help them to put the client protection principles into practice. These resources include strategic planning guides, training presentations, “how-to” guides, case studies, and technical guides.

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Often, an assessment will determine that some policies or practices do not meet the Certification standards. In these cases, the institution can undergo an upgrading project to improve their client protection practices in order to become Smart Certified at a later time. The Smart Campaign provides a roadmap and guidance, but it is up to the institution itself to fund and lead this effort, or find an outside firm to support.

Technical Assistance Providers

The Smart Campaign trains Technical Assistance (TA) providers on how to work with finance service providers to strengthen their client protection practices. Workshops allow TA providers to learn about the Smart Campaign tools available for institutions and practice creating a “client protection upgrading” proposal, which will identify how a sample financial institution should strengthen their client complaint mechanism. 

Learning from Other’s Experiences: MFI Best Practices in Client Protection

Ranging from creating client grievance mechanisms to improving data privacy policies and more, these examples highlight a few best practices in client protection at MFIs in Latin and America and India. These examples were taken from the Smart Campaign State of Practice reports Study of Client Protection Practices in Latin America and the Caribbean and Implementing Client Protection in Indian Microfinance. Click here to read the stories.

The Smart Campaign creates tools based on demand. We want to hear from you. What tools would be useful for your institution? Please let us know at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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