Fintech Protects Community of Practice

An Action-Research and Consensus Building Process

Smart Fintech Stamp - Border 2There is a clear need and increasing interest throughout the digital financial services sector to not only identify, but also address emerging consumer risks. Several organizations over the last few years have collected evidence, conducted research, and contributed ideas about consumer risks in digital finance. We’ve been a champion of this work—an important starting point for our industry—along with notables including G20, CGAP, GSMA, the Digital Credit Observatory at Center for Effective Global Action, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Better than Cash Alliance (BTCA), and MicroSave.

Today, like the Responsible Finance Forum and GSMA, our attention is turning from theory to practice and we want to engage practitioners. We are building a community of practitioners to build industry will and know-how to address emerging consumer risks in digital financial services. We’re calling this effort Fintech Protects—an action research and consensus-building process modeled on our standard-setting approach.

The ultimate aim of Fintech Protects is to help ensure that digital financial services offer the greatest value to consumers while maintaining adequate protections by enabling providers to act responsibly within a secure ecosystem. Getting there requires documenting the scope and prevalence of consumer risks, observing good and bad practices, developing tools that support good practices and building consensus across the sector.

Get Involved

The Fintech Protects Community of Practice is a place where providers can learn, share, debate and help shape the best practices. We’re going to examine the state of the art, facilitate consensus and establish good practice and norms that address identified risks. Digital credit, pay-as-you-go models and banking agents are initial areas of focus, and we envision adding more business models and other products including insurance, savings, etc., in the near future.

Who’s Involved?

To date, Fintech Protects includes a group of over 40 people representing the following companies:

Alex Rizzi, Senior Director, the Smart Campaign, leads the Fintech Protects Community of Practice from her home base in Rome. Alex is also the technical lead for research and the evolution of standards, and supports Campaign activities in Africa and Asia.


Isabelle Barrès, Vice President, Accion, is the Project Director of the Smart Campaign and leads global efforts to keep clients first in financial inclusion. Isabelle has over 20 years of experience in microfinance and the formal banking sector. Deeply motivated to reduce inequality and improve the lives of vulnerable people, she has devoted her career to spearheading innovative solutions that increase access to quality financial services and contribute to improving people’s lives.

Mercy Adero, Stanley Munyao, Juliet Ongwae

Elorm Allavi
mfarmpay Inc.

Ricardo Assaf

Yoni Blumberg, Quan Tran, Vala Burton, Alex Fankuchen

Nick Bronkhorst

Carol Caruso
Bloom Impact

Chris Czerwonka

Usman Dastagir

Yinka David-West
FinTech Association of Nigeria

Ekaterina Diakonova
Advans International

Schan Duff, Hayden Simmons

Rohit Garg

Luca Giacopelli

Buhle Goslar

Laurin N. Hainy

Wayne Hennessy-Barrett
4G Capital

Humza Hussein, Naureen Hyat
Tez Financial Services

Guatam Ivatury





Manish Khera

David Kruijff, Nicole Van Der Tuin
First Access

Juan Tomás Leal

Vaibhav Lodha

Shane Moldenhauer, Paul Randall
Agata Szydlowska, Kamau Kunyiha

Brady Nolan, David Sullivan

Marco Paschina

Sebastian Quansah

PM Riviere, Valérie Sfeir

Ross Tasker

Santhosh Thiruthimana
Aga Khan Development Network

Joffre Torien

Lucy Triedman
Apollo Agriculture

Simone Vaccari, Hugh Whalen

Aria Widyanto

Irfan Yaqoob
FINCA Pakistan










Eligibility and Commitment

We are seeking participants from additional companies that are committed to advancing the industry in responsible fintech, especially from South Asia and Latin America.

Fintech Protects is a virtual community—we use online tools to communicate and share information. We “meet” once a month, or every other month, to share best practices with each other, many of which will eventually be shared out with the industry.

Let’s Connect

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with questions, comments, or interest in knowing more or joining this endeavor.