Tools & Resources Implementing Client Protection in Indian Microfinance

Implementing Client Protection in Indian Microfinance


SOP_India_coverThis State of Practice Report represents an important step in understanding the state of client protection practices today in India, three years after the Andhra Pradesh crisis and two years after the Smart Campaign began its deep engagement with the sector. Results in this report are drawn from the activities conducted under the project that was implemented from June 2011 to November 2013.

The report aspires to deepen the public’s understanding of how microfinance institutions can put the client protection principles into practice in India and where the industry is in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Simultaneously, the report provides an overview of the level of effort made by MFIs to improve practices through participation in training and subsequent self-assessments. The report also showcases some of the extraordinary efforts and commitments made by microfinance institutions to improve their practices through upgrading projects.

The project work streams represent the natural progression of institutional improvement from endorsement, to building understanding of client protection issues, to assessing and improving performance to externally validating performance.

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Implementing Client Protection in Indian Microfinance (State of Practice Report)