Tools & Resources Getting Started Questionnaire: Client Protection Self Assessment for Microfinance Institutions

Getting Started Questionnaire: Client Protection Self Assessment for Microfinance Institutions


The Getting Started Questionnaire helps microfinance institutions begin to investigate their client protection practices within their organization. Once an institution has received an introduction to the work of the campaign and client protection principles, answering this Questionnaire is the logical next step. The questionnaire is structured around the Client Protection Principles, each of which is subdivided in standards, which in turn are subdivided into indicators.

The questionnaire provides a framework for evaluating a microfinance institution’s practices principle by principle, focusing on the indicators that are most important for determining how effective the organization’s systems are for embodying the principles. There are four categories of possible responses including: Meets the indicator, Partially meets the indicator, Does not meet the indicator and Does not apply. For each statement, the practitioner or assessor needs to evaluate the evidence from the MFI’s policies and staff interviews and determine which category most accurately represents the institution’s implementation of the statement.

To begin, go to the “Name Input” sheet of the Getting Started Questionnaire, select the language you want to work in (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Russian) and insert the institutional details. In the following sheets you will be allowed to self assess the institution according to the aforementioned criteria and also insert relevant comments or observations that you would like to follow up on.

The worksheets of the Getting Started Questionnaire also contain graphs to help the user more easily identify strong and weak practices as well as see which principles offer the institution its best opportunity to improve its client protection activities.

Upon completion of this questionnaire, The Smart Campaign asks that institutions respond to a few questions »

Download Getting Started Questionnaire » - Version 1.3