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1 Smart Note: Designing Products based on Customer Requirements: Unique Approaches of SEWA Bank and IFMR (KGFS model), India 135
2 Monitoring Individual Repayment in Group Guarantee Mechanism 95
3 SPTF Universal Standards Implementation Example (How Bandhan Trains and Evaluates Credit Staff) 105
4 Implementing Client Protection in Indian Microfinance 1359
5 Smart Saving and Lending: Member Protection in SHG Model 490
6 Study of Client Protection Practices in Latin America and the Caribbean 1161
7 Refinancing Policy - FUBODE 470
8 Smart Operations 1514
9 Smart Microinsurance: An Overview for Microfinance Institutions on Incorporating Client Protection Practices into Microinsurance 1520
10 Smart Note: Supporting Members to Adopt Client Protection at Azerbaijan Microfinance Association (AMFA) 1546
11 Client Education Tools 7022
12 Smart Note: Appropriate Product Design and Delivery at Musoni 2835
13 Smart Note: Treating Clients with Respect at Fundación Mundo Mujer Popayán 2099
14 Smart Note: Responding to a Crisis at FUNDESER 2193
15 Smart Campaign Tools Training 1155
16 Responsible Treatment of Clients: Practicing Non-discrimination 2049
17 Nondiscrimination Policy of Fundación Paraguaya 760
18 Smart Note: Hiring Staff with Disabilities at AccessBank, Azerbaijan 2599
19 Codes of Conduct and the Role of Microfinance Associations in Client Protection 852
20 Over-indebtedness of Microborrowers in Ghana 1282
21 Smart Note: Client Protection Good Practices in Europe and Central Asia 2869
22 Essential Documents for New Clients 4103
23 Smart Note: Ethical Staff Behavior at Alalay Sa Kaunlaran, Inc. (ASKI) 2849
24 Code of Conduct for Collections and Collections Practices for Group Loans at Swadhaar FinServe Pvt. Ltd. 2487
25 Transparency in Promotions and Sales: A Checklist for Financial Service Providers 2521
26 Collections Guidelines for Financial Service Providers 2941
27 Investor/Donor Planning Guide for Implementing Client Protection Initiatives 1392
28 Putting Transparency into Practice: Communicating About Pricing 2052
29 Educating Clients About Client Protection: A Guide for Financial Service Providers 2809
30 Code of Conduct E-Learning Module (Grameen Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.) 3159
31 Avoidance of Over-indebtedness: Guidelines for Financial and Non-financial Evaluation 3259
32 Illustrations and Activities for Training Loan Officers on Customers' Rights and Responsibilities (Sahayata Micro Finance Pvt. Ltd.) 3395
33 Smart Note: Responding to Client Complaints at Tameer Bank, Pakistan 1918
34 Swadhaar FinServe Pvt. Ltd. Earns Honors in Smart Campaign’s Call for ‘Appropriate Collections Practices’ 2075
35 Smart Lending: Client Protection in the Group Lending Process - India 2087
36 Client Protection and Financial Education Simulation 4921
37 Smart Note: Transparent and Responsible Pricing at Mi-Bospo 1945
38 Smart Lending: Client Protection in the Group Lending Process 2329
39 Smart Savings: Client Protection in the Savings Process 3620
40 Implementing the Client Protection Principles: A Technical Guide for Investors, 2nd Edition 2007
41 Loan Contract Summary Handout (Mibanco) 3186
42 Loan Agreement for Small Business Clients (JSC MFO Crystal) 4695
43 Implementing Client Protection in Microfinance: State of the Practice, 2011 4263
44 Beyond Codes: The Foundation for Client Protection in Microfinance 2271
45 Smart Note: Customized IT at Caja Morelia safeguards client data 2062
46 Smart Note: Facing Over-indebtedness at Partner Microcredit Foundation 3803
47 Smart Note: Implementing an Industry Code of Conduct at PMN 4133
48 Complaints-Handling Brochure for Clients (Opportunity Bank) 3238
49 Complaints-Analysis Spreadsheet (Fundacion Delamujer) 5003
50 Complaints-Handling Manual (FONDESURCO) 3263
51 Complaints-Handling Manual (Tamweelcom) 5309
52 Banco Solidario: Loan Officer Training Manual 4463
53 Fonkoze: Guide for Credit Agents — Evaluating Clients for Fonkoze’s Post-Disaster Recovery Program 2785
54 Opportunity Bank Serbia: Loan Calculator 2656
55 KazMicroFinance: How to Assess Client Businesses 2963
56 Microfund for Women: Client Business Evaluation Toolkit 4129
57 Smart Note: Building Institutional Culture Around a Code of Ethics at Compartamos 4980
58 Security is the Key: Pocket Guide to Financial Security for Clients 2267
59 Smart Lending: Client Protection in the Individual Loan Process 5566
60 How to Develop an Institutional Code of Ethics 7101
61 Best Practices in Collections Strategies 3314
62 How to Talk to a Bank: A Brochure for Consumers 2755
63 Calculating Transparent Prices Tool from MicroFinance Transparency 3115
64 Debt Management Guide 2861
65 Smart Note: Collections with Dignity at FinComún 3914
66 Client Protection Principles Training Series 13816
67 Consumer Protection Library 3655
68 Client Protection and Ethics Codes: Examples for Getting Started 6369
69 Due Diligence Checklist for Investors 6620
70 Conducting Client Protection Assessments: A Guide 4915
71 Getting Started Questionnaire: Client Protection Self Assessment for Microfinance Institutions 17453