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MFI Best Practices in Client Protection
Ranging from client grievance mechanisms to data privacy and more, these examples hightlight a few best practices at MFIs in Latin and America and India. 
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What’s Happening

  • “Borrow Wisely” Campaign goes live!

    Starting (October 1st, 2014), 12 Microfinance Centre members are launching a major coordinated effort to improve client financial literacy across the ECA region. Over the next month, the “Borrow Wisely!” Campaign will unite staff of 12 MFIs across 9 countries in one single aim: educating thousands of existing and potential clients on how to borrow safe and responsible levels of debt.

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  • BRAC and Smart Campaign host Client Protection workshop for MFIs

    Bangladesh (July 8, 2014)-  BRAC and the Smart Campaign joined forces in hosting a workshop on client protection principles at the BRAC Centre. The Smart Campaign, represented by Dr Hema Bansal, Director, South East Asia and South Asia, received a welcome reception from over twenty representatives from across Bangladesh's microfinance sector.

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Meet the Certified MFIs

VF AzerCredit Eng sm

VisionFund AzerCredit LLC, Azerbaijan

VisionFund AzerCredit was initially created in 1996 to provide credit to ensure people can take control over their own lives and livelihoods. In 2002 VF AzerCredit was successfully registered as a Limited Liability Company and obtained a license from the Central Bank of Azerbaijan in 2003 to provide services as a non-bank credit organization.

Although much has changed since then, the vision of VF AzerCredit is still to assist people in developing a positive and self-sustainable lifestyle. The mission of VF AzerCredit is to provide financial services which have a positive impact on the lives of the poor. As such, today VF AzerCredit operates 43 outlets throughout the country, which serve around 80.000 customers with loan products primarily.

Certification Awarded October 2014

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